Cotignac’s Trois Marches – A Fall Evening for Pizza

   The petite chalkboard advertises the Salade Italienne with a gourmand coffee or dessert for 14 euros. It is very tempting. However, it is Pizza night in Provence and a favorite spot for us is Cotignac’s Trois Marches in the heart of our village. The calendar says it is autumn and the cool night air… Read More »

Cotignac Provence – A Magical Carpet Ride at Marguerite’s Boutique

 Who ever said that there was no such thing as a magic carpet ride? I get to take one every time I visit a unique home décor boutique in Cotignac Provence village! Marguerite’s boutique lures shopper’s inside with the petite sign at her front window ,”La vie est Belle.” This enticing front window display also… Read More »

La Table des Coquelicots Cotignac – Pretty Poppies and Good Eats

 Coquelicots = poppies and they grow wild in Provence. With shimmering red petals and a coal black center that wobbles on a thin stem, these little flowers can cheer up anyone’s day. In the village of Cotignac-Provence, we delight in dining at La Table des Coquelicots. ” Elle est sur la table” or that is… Read More »

Restaurant du Parc Lorgues – A Day Trip in Provence

 During our sojourn in Provence, we like to visit and explore the local nearby villages. We always plan the trip around a meal, usually lunch. The common theme that connects all the villages is the village water fountain. Most often, there are several fountains and without them there would be no village. Most of the… Read More »

Vignerons de Correns Provence

   Visiting wine co-operatives and wine tasting-degustation- are part of the fun while exploring Provence. The environmental craze and farming organically has been around in France for over a decade or longer at some farms, but with a renewed focus now. One of these organic wine co-ops is the Vignerons de Correns located a mile outside… Read More »

La Fontaine Chez Loli Cotignac

   It is fun to dress up and go into town and enjoy the ambience of an upscale restaurant. In Cotignac, our village in Provence Verte (Green Provence), we enjoy an upscale alfresco restaurant that we call Chez Loli. It  is fun to wear your fashion clothes even in a casual village of calm, like… Read More »

Grimaud’s Creperie Le Boubou

   After our recent treasure search at France’s famous twice yearly L’Isle sur le Sorgue extravaganza, we have been on the lookout for orange colored flyers announcing upcoming local village brocantes. Only a few Sunday’s are left in August for our very favorite brocante held in the Grimaud countryside. From our village to Grimaud village, it is… Read More »

Restaurant du Cours Cotignac Provence

 Mealtime in a Provence village is always a special event. Today we decide to leave the countryside and travel into Cotignac village for our luncheon. After a stroll through the center of the village to admire the massive plane trees, we decide on a lovely alfresco restaurant decorated with provencal tablecloths. The Restaurant du Cours… Read More »

Lunch at Le Pichon in Picture Perfect Arles

 “And in a picture I want to say something comforting as music is comforting”…a quote from a letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo, his brother on September 3rd 1888. Vincent van Gogh was inspired by the ancient city of Arles to use exciting colors and interesting subjects. When we arrive for lunch, we are inspired to… Read More »

L’Isle sur la Sorgue Market in Provence

 This 4 day spectacular Antique Market is going on right now, until Sunday August 17th. L’Isle sur la Sorgue is a small town 25 km from Avignon. This village is in the Vaucluse department of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d”Azur region. It’s current claim to fame is the extravagant Antiques Market it offers twice a year. With 300 antique boutiques… Read More »