Downton Abbey Nights in St. Tropez

By | June 26, 2012

At home, with early flights and meetings and all the other hub-bub, we seldom get to chill and watch a movie or series together. Sure, we start movies and yes Mr. B always promises that this time he will stay awake till the end…

We watched the first season of Downtown Abbey during our St. Barths trip in January and are watching Season 2 during our current St. Tropez stay.  One episode a night for 9 nights. We are entranced and continually chatter during our midnight village strolls about the brilliant casting, memorable quotes, sets, subplots, voice tones… Were Carson and Cousin Violet born for these roles? Is Mr Bates guilty and is Patrick Gordon really who he says he is? The other day at lunch we saw a short, fair skinned and red headed woman who looked familiar and finally it hit us, Mrs. Padmore!

It wasn’t, but the point is we are truly enjoying and sharing the series together. A common experience that seldom happens at home.

We’re not capable of dinners out every night. We enjoy quiet nights with dinner at our maison, preferably on the roof top terrace overlooking the sea whenever possible. Perhaps a roasted poulet or paella from the market or take away pizzas. Add the Cavaillon melons, olives, tapenades, pâtés de campagne, ratatouille, fresh baguettes and a host of other fresh delicacies available throughout the village. We are not talking about heating up a prepared meal from the supermarket in the microwave. We’re talking about delectables eaten al fresco as the sun sets over the sea. Washed down with a local bouteille du vin purchased from one of the many vineyards that surround St. Tropez.

We buy our series DVD sets from BBC or PBS. In St. Barths, we watch them on the TV and in St. Tropez on my lap top. Our favorites include Downtown Abbey, The Tudors and A Year in Provence (a very funny BBC adaptation of Peter Mayles’s seminal story about ex-patriot life in France). We bring series we can enjoy together (sorry, but WWII sagas like Band of Brothers are better left for Mr. B and his son).

There’s always plenty of night life in St. Tropez. We take it at a pace that works for us. Our St. Tropez dreams include sharing a video, Mr. B sprawled out on the couch with his head on a pillow in my lap. Still awake at midnight. Taking it in together and then discussing and laughing about it later.

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