Bagatelle St. Barths – Ladies Night on the Gustavia Harbor

By | January 13, 2013

Hot spots to wine & dine are all over  the island and Bagatelle on the harbor in Gustavia is one of them. With a sister restaurant in NYC and the French owner raising the bar for excellence, La Bagatelle succeeds! The restaurant is celebrating a 1 year anniversary in St. Barths and we dined there for Ladies Night.

The theme night “Ladies Night” was highlighted with a fashion show by Marina St Barths and headlined by DJ Yannick from Cannes. Yannick headlines the clubs in Cannes in the summer and Bagatelle during the season in St. Barths. The DJ booth is front and center inside the Bagatelle bar area . The bar scene all around the DJ booth is hopping. With his 6’6″ frame and dark good looks, Yannick is hard to miss and easy to listen to as he spins his own mixed tunes.

The menu highlights the executive chef Emmanuel Chavant and the theme “To Share or Not To Share” with delicious gastronomic selections. First up is the business of selecting the wine. Mr. B picks the Gervy-Chambertin 2009 Cote d’ Or Prieur Burgogne. This wine is cultivated from Pinot Noir grapes and harvested from a vineyard with 5th generation owners. La Maison Philippe Marchard practices wine making with 100 year + traditional methods. The terroir is a chalky soil mix which compliments and encourages the pinot noir grape flavor.

“To Share” is our choice on a dish from the menu – pour deux(for two- and the Poulet Roti is ordered. This dish is served with black truffles, pommes de terre and champignons. While the chicken roasts, Mr. B starts off with a garlic infused escargots and I nibble on foie gras with plum jam. Afterwards, the remaining melted butter & garlic and sweet jam is soaked up on grainy toast. Soon the poulet roti has been consumed and the roasting dish is filled with stripped chicken bones. It is finger licking good!

Our dinner at Bagatelle is complete and the night breeze caresses our skin as we linger at the dockside table. Our dessert is the last glass of wine that we sip as we watch the restaurant tables fill up inside at 10pm. DJ Yannick ramps up the volume on the turntable speakers and the songs spill out on the night air. The “famous Bagatelle smile” and our satiated appetites leave us with our own smiles. We check out the bobbing power boats tethered at the port boardwalk as we walk back to the car. Ladies Night and any night is HOT for dining at Bagatelle. Be sure and get there soon!

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  1. Yannick

    Now back to Cannes full of good memories , your article really put a smile on my face ! Thank you 🙂 ! #stbarthforever


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