L’Isle sur la Sorgue Market in Provence

By | August 17, 2014
L'Isle sur la Sorgue in Provence

L’Isle sur la Sorgue in Provence

This 4 day spectacular Antique Market is going on right now, until Sunday August 17th. L’Isle sur la Sorgue is a small town 25 km from Avignon. This village is in the Vaucluse department of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d”Azur region. It’s current claim to fame is the extravagant Antiques Market it offers twice a year. With 300 antique boutiques and shops, the town balloons to several hundred more sellers for the semi-annual event.

Beautiful landscape on the way to the market

Beautiful landscape on the way to the market

We arrived at 7:30 am from Avignon after a 25 minute drive. After stopping for a morning café, we started out on an antiques treasure hunt. There was a little bit of everything on offer for all types of décor. These are some photos of the special L’Isle sur la Sorgue extravaganza. There are markets held every Thursday and Sunday throughout the year.

The next grand Antiques Market will be in the Spring of 2015. We can help you plan an unforgettable holiday vacation!

Antique fireplace accessoires

Pottery and tables

Endless silver serving dishes

Outdoor landscape design

Mirrors and art scattered around the fountain

Chandeliers and alternative lighting

Antique formal chairs

An old french basin

Antique french dolls

Dozens of wooden dining chairs


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