Lunch at Le Pichon in Picture Perfect Arles

By | August 19, 2014
Ancient city of Arles

Ancient city of Arles

“And in a picture I want to say something comforting as music is comforting”…a quote from a letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo, his brother on September 3rd 1888. Vincent van Gogh was inspired by the ancient city of Arles to use exciting colors and interesting subjects. When we arrive for lunch, we are inspired to find simple French country cooking and an outdoor terrace to enjoy lunch outside!

Pichon lasagna

Plat du jour-lasagna

It is the summer season in the south of France, Provence. The holiday merrymakers have arrived and with the seasonally hot weather, we all search out comfort cuisine and a refreshing cold drink. At Le Pichon, the local chalked blackboard lists that the plate du jour is lasagna with a cold side salad and a choice of dessert – apple, chocolate or lemon pie. That satisfies our French country cooking craving.

Pichon lemon pie

Fabulous lemon pie

We start with a piche of the local country red wine and a carafe of chilled water while we wait for the entrees. The local vacationers fill every table around us by 12:30.

Pichon red wine

French country red wine

” Never get between a Frenchman and his lunch” are the proverbial words of wisdom this day. The terrace is shaded by old sycamore trees and the 4 surrounding restaurants have every seat occupied.

We have enjoyed our day trip to Vincent van Gogh’s favorite town of Arles. The beautiful Roman coliseum is being restored and wonderful descriptive history plaques tell the stories that survived over the centuries. It is a wonderful town for holiday merrymakers and anyone searching for comfort cuisine on a hot summer day!

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