Restaurant du Cours Cotignac Provence

By | August 21, 2014
French countryside style seating

French countryside style seating

Mealtime in a Provence village is always a special event. Today we decide to leave the countryside and travel into Cotignac village for our luncheon. After a stroll through the center of the village to admire the massive plane trees, we decide on a lovely alfresco restaurant decorated with provencal tablecloths.

The Restaurant du Cours Cotignac is open from April until November. It offers a friendly, easy atmosphere of laid back calm. The 2 big chalkboards spell out the specials of the day. Like many merrymakers on holiday, we think the social aspect of dining out is as important as the food.

Humorous French art

Luncheon of the Boating Party 

The inside dining room is an art gallery of local works, mostly landscapes, that are offered for sale. There is one copy of a famous painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1881. The original is in the Smithsonian in Washington,D.C.

The painting is easily recognizable and perhaps Renoir’s most well known painting. The artist that copied Renoir’s painting has stamped it with his own viewpoint. The social gathering of friends and celebration of a meal is very obvious the point of the painting. It is the perfect picture to hang at Restaurant du Cours where we enjoy friendship and a good food!

Fresh salad with sliced salami

Fresh truffle salad 

Rustic pitcher of wine

Rustic pitcher of wine

A country pitcher of the neighboring vineyard’s rose quenches our thirst. One of us orders the Truffle Salad special. The 2nd meal is on the 3 course special offering of an appetizer, plat and dessert. It is a simple, tasty meal and the dessert wins a blue ribbon for the day! It is crème caramel custard with whipped cream.


Dessert for two :)

Dessert for two 🙂

Please visit France soon to discover your very own dream “place” of art, food & friends! It is our pleasure to assist you, contact us soon at!

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