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By | August 23, 2014


Walking to Chez Loli in Contignac

Walking to Chez Loli in Contignac

It is fun to dress up and go into town and enjoy the ambience of an upscale restaurant. In Cotignac, our village in Provence Verte (Green Provence), we enjoy an upscale alfresco restaurant that we call Chez Loli. It  is fun to wear your fashion clothes even in a casual village of calm, like Cotignac. (recommended outfit: chiffon maxicountry chic hat nude sling backs , and Fendi peekaboo satchel)

Loli is situated on the Cours Gambetta on the left side of the cours. I like the soft gray linen tablecloths and white banquette seating. They often feature local art work and sculptures. There is an interior dining room for bad weather. Big umbrellas offer shade, as needed.

Red wine on a cool night

Carpe Diem wine on a cool night

There is a coolness in the air at night now and it a good time to order a red wine. Loli offers champagne, wines, cocktails and beer! It is fun to sip on a coupe of champagne to settle the tastebuds. They carry a local vineyards red “Major” by Carpe Diem winery. It is a great full bodied wine that benefits from opening and breathing.

Escargot and croutons

Escargot and croutons

Gambas/shrimp for the main course

Gambas/shrimp for the main course

We love the escargot presentation. Escargots are soaked in garlic butter and served in a ceramic thimble cup with a tiny toasted crouton. There is always plenty of bread to soak up the escargots garlic butter! A favorite main course is the gambas/shrimp and then dessert is heavenly!

The creme boule is to die for

The crème boule is to die for

Chez Loli Dessert

Cheesecake delight

We try the crème brulee and the cheesecake a la Loli and we can recommend both. They are light, but fantastic. It is the perfect ending to our night on the town!

If we can help you on your trip planning please let us now! Bon appetite! More Chez Loli Reviews. 

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