Vignerons de Correns Provence

By | August 25, 2014
Vignerons de Correns

Vignerons de Correns


Visiting wine co-operatives and wine tasting-degustation- are part of the fun while exploring Provence. The environmental craze and farming organically has been around in France for over a decade or longer at some farms, but with a renewed focus now. One of these organic wine co-ops is the Vignerons de Correns located a mile outside of the ancient tiny town of 830 residents, Correns.

Chateau Miraval Wine from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Chateau Miraval Wine from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

This village is also famous for it’s part time residents, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt is working on developing a red wine over the next 7 years to join the current delicious rose and white wines under the Chateau Miraval label. The Co-op cellar Vignerons de Correns sells the Chateau Miraval wines as well as several others.

The wine growers “vignerons” joined together and opened in Correns in 1935. With soil enriched with clay and limestone, the vignerons grow white grapes and produce predominately white wine. In 1998, the wine growers introduced organic methods to the crops with continued success.

St. Croix,

St. Croix, Gold Fair, and Soul of Fairy wines

In addition to offering the Chateau Miraval wines, the cellar offers St. Croix wines and tempting wines named Gold Fairy and Soul of the Fairy. There is also an offering of Provence herbs and local olive oil. During the remainder of the month of August, there are weekly Friday night mini marches with wine tastings and light appetizers.

The labeled “bag in a box” co-op wines are fantastic and compliment any meal. We have tasted the rose, white and red and it is 3 thumbs up for us.

Wine tasting and appetizer table

Wine tasting and appetizer table

Vignerons de Cerrons

Bocal thyn mix Provence

 Growing vines and harvesting the yearly grapes is truly a labor of love for the vineyard and of the land. Grapes are a labor intensive crop and the vignerons are special farmers. The motto at Vignerons de Correns is ” plus qu’une legend… un myth qui se perpetue – more than a legend a myth that perpetuates.”

 We agree and hope you will take a french dream vacation this summer or in the fall for the grape harvest. Please contact us at for guidance.

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