Restaurant du Parc Lorgues – A Day Trip in Provence

By | September 2, 2014
Beautiful water fountain in Parc Lourges

Beautiful water fountain in Lorgues

During our sojourn in Provence, we like to visit and explore the local nearby villages. We always plan the trip around a meal, usually lunch. The common theme that connects all the villages is the village water fountain. Most often, there are several fountains and without them there would be no village.

Most of the time, the center of the village houses the main and largest water fountain. There are often half a dozen and more fountains in mountain villages where there is a vertical advantage to capture rainfall, detour rivers and harness waterfalls. On a visit from our village of Cotignac to nearby Lorgues, we find the main town water fountain and walk the winding streets that spiral off from this hillside village.

The quaint restaurant setting

The quaint restaurant setting

The Restaurant du Parc Lorgues attracts our attention because it has some age and it tempts with a courtyard terrace. Passing through the simple hotel entrance to the rear courtyard, we look down a long flight of stone stairs to a cozy shaded backyard terrace. It is a quiet escape from the busy street in front of the hotel/restaurant.

Local Coté de Provence rosé

Local Coté des Provence rosé

With a quick order to our friendly wait staff, we are pouring the local Cotes des Provence rose from a rustic earthenware pitcher. We are never disappointed with the daily plate du jour and today the appetizer is puff pastry, eggs and market salad greens. We linger over lunch as long as possible and then it is back out the main door to explore Lorgues village.

Devine puff pastry, egg and green salad

Devine puff pastry, egg and green salad

We give the village center water fountain a thorough study as we pass by as we stroll along. I invite you to come explore the Provence villages and the many striking, important water fountains. Stop and stay for lunch or dinner along the way! For more reviews of Restaurant du Parc in Lorgues click here! 

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