Background and Mission

I have been blessed.

A college cheerleader, homecoming princess and sorority sister, married within weeks after graduation to Mr. Blackberry, raising five children and seeing them fly off from the nest, discovering dream vacation skills.

Our years now flow in a comfortable rhythm from one dream vacation to the next. We always are in a dream vacation anticipation, bliss or afterglow phase.  Indeed, we never awake from our dream vacations.

My mission is to empower you with the skills to live your very own dream vacations.

My intended audience is women, especially women like me who are balancing so many demands and have so many special people in our lives.  Our mothers, daughters, friends and, of course, our partner.

My partner, Mr. Blackberry, has many traits that suggest he would never join me on a trip to a romantic destination and, even if he did, that he would be distracted and uncomfortable.  Together, we have discovered ways to help him become a wonderful and enthusiastic travel companion who looks forward to and enjoys our dream vacations as much as I do.

My hope is that perhaps our experiences might help you with your partner as well.  I believe that you deserve dream vacations.  You’ve been amazing all your life.  You can do it and once you do, you and those you love will live the dream together.

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