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Nikki Beach St. Barths – Hot Stuff

 Bienvenue a St. Barths!  You know you have arrived at Nikki Beach St. Barths club/restaurant when you see the blue Nikki tee-pee logo and white linen beachbeds. The free flowing champagne bottles and Jeraboam bottles of rose offer a tiny hint, too. DJ Maxx-C from Ibiza/St. Barths spins his latest tunes and the motor yachts are queing… Read More »

L’Isoletta Italian St. Barths – Take Away, Lite Bite or Food On the Go

 One night we drove into Gustavia for a little downtown shopping and to catch up on our emails at a local Wi Fi spot. Sipping a glass of good European wine is always included. At the corner top of Rue de Roi Oscar, is a newcomer to St. Barths on their second season. L’Isoletta Italian St.… Read More »

On the Rocks Restaurant at Eden Rock St. Barths

   Where the Earth Reaches for the Sky At Eden Rock St. Barths resort, in the daytime, we like to dine for lunch at the Sand Bar for that “up close and personal” moment with the sand and sea. At nighttime, the mood changes and we head up top for dinner dining at On the… Read More »

The Hideaway St. Barths – Found in a Tropical Garden

 Chez Andy’s Hideaway St. Barths restaurant is a local traditional island favorite with natives and visiters alike. The tall, friendly Brit Andy has taken on a new partner at his 27 year old bistro/café style restaurant, so it is now called The Hideaway. Local boutique owners, longtime villa owners and visiting guests all mingle casually… Read More »

Pipiri Palace St. Barths – A Rainforest Restaurant Delight

 Change is good for the Pipiri Palace St. Barths restaurant. The new owner Rodrigue and his wife purchased the dining spot in August 2013 and have freshened the interior and exterior with fresh paint and new décor. It is on the road down from Le Select with it’s traditional sign hanging out front and a chalkboard… Read More »

La Plage Tom Beach St. Barths

   Captures the Island Wonderland Essence Feel like being a Bombshell on St. Barths? One place to present your inner sexy Bombshell self is at La Plage Tom Beach, restaurant and boutique hotel. We power walk the St. Jean beach front daily and pass by La Plage 6 times on our 2 & 1/2 mile walk.… Read More »

Bagatelle St. Barths -Expect the Unexpected

 Bagatelle restaurant in St. Barths is always a fun place to have dinner. The restaurant is on the harbor front in downtown Gustavia. We also dine at the Bagatelle St. Tropez Beach Club on Pampelonne beach. The Bagatelle St. Barths has a tucked – in feel to it with a beautiful view of the super yachts… Read More »

St. Jean Beach

  We just arrived on St Bart‎s about 45 minutes ago.  We hired our rental car, dropped our luggage at the villa, put on our bathing suits and headed down to St Jean beach for a walk. We park at the new lot behind Tom Beach La Plage, a fine example of a “development” that… Read More »

La Gloriette St. Barths – Lunch Only with a Kiss of Sunshine

  La Gloriette St. Barths is a family run restaurant that is famous on St. Barths for the Lunches that are served. Lunch is the meal to go there to enjoy. It is a small open-air beachside restaurant that offers shade under a sail cloth canvas or under the leafy plantain trees. There is a… Read More »

Paradise Found – St. Barths for the Ultimate Dream Vacation

 It’s a New Year & a New YOU! It is time to make your dreams come true and the best place to start is St. Barths. Now is the time to plan your St. Barths getaway. To celebrate a big LIFE event or just decompress from everyday demands, then St. Barths is the best destination.… Read More »