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St. Barths Private Villa Retreat

 St. Barths island is the perfect entryway to a Caribbean paradise. A St. Barths Private Villa Retreat allows for discretion, space, and tranquility. We have hopped around the island and stayed at many fabulous villas over the years. After 25 years of searching, we have found our favorite villa overlooking St. Jean beach. Thus we strongly… Read More »

Eden Rock St. Barths – I Dream of a Floating Palace

   Re-live your dreams and your daily island escapades at Eden Rock. Instantly recognized by travelers world wide, Eden Rock brings the magic of endless possibilities. Eden Rock captures the essence of St. Barths and is part of its early history and rich heritage. The story goes something like this.  Remy de Haenen, an aviator, landed… Read More »

St Jean: Glitz and Glamour, or L’Orient: Privacy and Tranquility-Part Two

 Our favorite L’Orient villa sits on the far west end of the beach, near the burned out remains of Jimmy Buffett’s former establishment Autour du Rochet. Rumor has it that David Letterman may now own it. It is reached by a dirt track that winds under palm trees with the end of the drive marked… Read More »

St. Barths Landscape ~ Chandelier Palms & Candelabra Cactus

 One of the villas that we rent on St.Barths is lovely sitting on the mountainside overlooking St. Jean Beach. After we arrive and get settled in, we wander every inch of the property! The rustic beauty is intoxicating! Our view from the 4th tier pool deck encompasses a 180 degree bird’s eye view of the… Read More »

St. Jean: Glitz and Glamour, or L’Orient: Privacy and Tranquility-Part One

 We’re 50-50. Half our stays are at beach villas and the other half are at hillside villas. Half our beach stays are at villas on St Jean beach and the other half are at villas on L’Orient beach. St Jean allows us to walk  to 3 of our favorite toes in the sand restaurants (Nikki… Read More »

St. Barths Beach Hotels – 3 Great Choices on St. Jean Beach

 St. Barths island is the Great Escape to a dream vacation destination! You are lucky because St. Barths, jewel of the French West Indies, LOVES you. It is a popular destination for French travellers, Russians, Brazilians and a multitude of Americans. There are many island locations to book lodging, but 3 great Beach hotels reside… Read More »

Avec Piscine ou Sans Piscine: C’est La Question

 We have a pool at home. And a hot tub with a waterfall into the pool. We have not been in either for 3 years. We have, however, spent countless hours skimming out leaves, frogs, beer cans (we have 5 kids in their 20s), etc. Mr B threatens every year to fill it in with… Read More »