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St. Barths is the St. Tropez and the crown jewel of the Caribbean.

St. Barths has a European flair and a magical magnetism that invites people to travel there, over and over again.

This eight square mile petite island has a unique, dreamy attraction that draws you to stay for several weeks, months and even years.

Unspoiled and uncrowded beaches of the most exquisite beauty hypnotize and energize you to explore all 14 of them.

For beach activities and water sports, fun dining and great walking, St. Jean and Grand Cul de Sac are my favorites.

To discover St. Barths’ wild side beaches, visit Colombier (by hiking trail or boat only), Toiny and Grand Fond.

For sunbathing and ocean swimming, you need to discover Shell Beach, Grand Saline, Petite Cul de Sac and Gouverneur.  Flamands is another pretty beach, but be aware of the under currents of the powerful ocean.  Some other beaches to visit are Marigot Bay, Public, Anse des Cayes and Marechal.

With a great variety of places to stay from unique tropical hotels to villas for every budget, and dining choices that offer the simplest “Cheeseburger in Paradise” to the sublime “Duck for Two,” St. Barths entices with dreamy accommodations and sun kissed “al fresco” restaurants.  The year-round residents speak English and many are multi-lingual and super friendly.

This French West Indies Caribbean Island, St. Barths, awaits you and your dream travel plans so start planning your French Dream Vacation to St. Barths today.


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