After You Go

  • Find quiet moments to read the local glossies and books you picked up.
  • Enjoy listening to your new French DVDs.
  • Find special occasions to enjoy the bottles of your favorite French wines that you brought back.
  • Use that wine bucket you purchased at your favorite Beach Club
  • Find special occasions to dress up in your new French wardrobe.
  • Plan a French wine party – Tip:  We throw a “Joyeux Noel” party during the holidays and it always is a big hit.  We also will hold a “Rosé” party on a hot Saturday evening to introduce our friends to dry, French Rosés.  They may resist initially, but we have converted many!
  • Open that birthday, anniversary, holiday gift you found for you!
  • Make notes about the clothes, shoes and accessories that really worked well (now that you have a new French fashion sense).
  • Start planning your next trip.
  • Keep dreaming!

Additional Ideas

Beginning in August, we’ll regularly share with you additional ideas about how to keep the embers of your dream vacation afterglow burning warmly… framing those sketches of you, printing the photos of the two of you at your favorite bistros on the mugs you enjoy your morning coffee in, keeping in touch through favorite websites… you’ll never awake from your dream vacation!

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