Before You Go

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We’ll share with you step-by-step our preparations for our November-January trip to St. Barths and our May-August trip to St. Tropez. We can help you customize your honeymoon

Looking for more of an adventure? Try a Wine Lover’s or Art Enthusiast’s Trip to St. Tropez.

From booking accommodations, flights and rental cars, working on your French, to choosing our wardrobe, to arranging for enough Euros, to parking-Frenchdreamvacations has got you covered.

We’ll help you plan for your own exciting activities as you enjoy the anticipation of your dream vacation.

As an example, here is a starter preparations check list.

In addition to the check list, we’ve also put together a list of books to read and movies to watch so that you can get a better sense of the French culture, the history and the modern evolution of the area.

This way, in the up to 12 months leading up to your trip, you can begin living your dream vacation.


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