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Cover of "Chasing Cezanne"

Cover of Chasing Cezanne


  • *A Year in Provence (Peter Mayle)
  • *Toujours Provence (Peter Mayle)
  • Hotel Pastis (Peter Mayle)
  • Anything Considered (Peter Mayle)
  • Chasing Cezanne (Peter Mayle)
  • *Encore Provence (Peter Mayle)
  • French Lessons (Peter Mayle)
  • The Vintage Caper (Peter Mayle)
  • *Extremely Pale Rosé (Jamie Ivey)
  • *Rosé en Marché (Jamie Ivey)
  • *La Vie En Rosé (Jaime Ivey)
  • *Out to Lunch in Provence (Michael Aalders)
  • *The Olive Trilogy:  The Olive Tree, The Olive Route, and Return to the Olive Farm (Carol Drinkwater)
  • The Clan of the Cave Bear (Jean Auel)
  • French Women Don’t Get Fat (Mirielle Guiliano)
  • *There’s Something About St. Tropez (Elizabeth Adler)
  • *A Year in the Merde (Stephen Clarke)
  • In the Merde for Love (Stephen Clarke)
  • Talk to the Snail (Stephen Clarke)
  • *A Month of Sundays (Ira & Barbara Spencer)
  • *Labrynthe (Kate Mosse)
  • *Sepulchre (Kate Mosse)
  • Billionaire’s Vinegar (Bengamin Wallace)
  • I’ll Never Be French (Mark Greenside)
  • The Widow Clicquot (Tilar Mazzeo)
  • A Farmhouse in Provence (Mary Roble Henry)
  • Words in a French Life (Kristin Espinasse)
  • French Dirt (Richard Goodman)
  • A Pig in Provence (Georgeanne Brennan)
  • The Sweet Life in Paris (David Lebowitz)
  • Mediterranean Summer (David Shalleck)
  • The Battle for Wine and Love (Alice Feiring)
  • A House in the Sunflowers (Ruth Silvestre)
  • Almost French (Sara Thurnbull)
  • Eight Days in Provence (Jennifer Huntley)

*Must Reads

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