6-12 Months Out

  • Reserve accommodations
  • Make flight arrangements
  • Reserve rental car
  • Purchase French Rosetta Stone –learn, review and polish up French words and phrases
  • Check expiration date on Passport
  • Subscribe to magazines about France, especially France Today
  • Start reading or re-reading your favorite books about France
  • Start viewing or re-viewing your favorite movies about France
  • Save the St. Tropez or St. Barths weather sites to your favorites and visit every day
  • Dream!

3-6 Months Out

  • Call cell phone company and check on global data plans
  • Complete your wardrobe (order bathing suits on line)
  • Continue reading and movie watching
  • Continue studying your French
  • Purchase wine bottle travel carriers & French electrical converters – TIP:  get the black box heavy converters
  • Dream!

1 Month to Go

  • Bring luggage out of storage
  • Purchase English written materials to read during your trip (not a lot available in France)
  • Choose your music and movies for the trip
  • Set aside overnight bag for a change of clothes, important medications and your swimsuit
  • Check all your medications and get a vacation supply as needed
  • Make sure all your devices (ie. cameras, iPads, iPods) are working
  • Go to AAA to purchase travel money cards (always get two sets!); take cash to AAA to put on the cards
  • Dream!

1 Week till Vacation

  • Call the credit card company and establish when you will be traveling
  • Call cell phone company and activate sim card
  • Double check flight, rental car and hotel reservations
  • Pick out clothes, bathing suits, shoes, accessories and handbags
  • Set aside passport with magazine and books for the flight
  • Brush up on simple French phrases and pleasantries (Bonjour, Ca va, Merci, Si vous plais, Bon soir)
  • Dream!

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