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We first met Patrick managing Le Bistro Restaurant on the harbor in Gustavia St. Barths.  Le Bistro was his home restaurant December through April in St. Barths.  Patrick was heading to St. Tropez to manage the famous and illustrious port side Café de Paris, sister restaurant to Le Strand, and Nikki Beach Club, all of St. Tropez.  From May to October, we knew we could rendevous with Patrick at the tres, tres cool Café de Paris.

My “mother and three daughters” St. Tropez dream vacation in May found us “Bon Soireeing” (Good Evening) our way into Café de Paris the second evening with pleasant introductions all around.

Apertifs, dinner al fresco at a bistro on the port, dessert and digestifs soon took us to the midnight hour.  As I was sent to retrieve the car, the three girls ended the evening sipping on a glass of palest Rosé with their newest friend, Patrick – his witty and convivial, entertaining self.

Café de Paris was our go-to-place for many visits for a midmorning café, refreshing orangina, mid-afternoon light fare, cocktails or delicious dinner, always with a smile or wave from Patrick.

St. Tropez wooed Mr. Blackberry and me back in June.  Patrick’s outgoing personality and organization skills rocketed Café de Paris to much success that season.

Mr. “B” and I will find Patrick managing the famous and must be seen at Nikki Beach on Pampelonne in St. Tropez, summer 2011.  Stay tuned.


Patriciá is a beautiful, French lady who owns six charming boutiques named Sunday.  She winters and manages her beach front boutique at Do Brazil Restaurant on Shell Beach, St. Barths and then leaves to summer in St. Tropez where the other five shops are located.  Two Sunday locations are in the heart of St. Tropez and three more located conveniently at Beach Clubs on Pampelonne Beach.


As for this charming, handsome staffer at Nikki Beach Club St. Tropez, he is always friendly and has an at-your-service attitude.  Ask for him at Le Bistro in the winter months in St. Barths.

The Mathews:

They are the English owners of the renowned, exquisite and certainly one of the top ten resorts in all the world, Eden Rock (  For that French dream vacation at a french beachside caribbean resort, this is the go-to-place to make sure you have that “Before You Go,” “Where to Stay” and “After You Go” living your dream vacation trip.

If you are not staying here, go for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, early and late cocktails.  It is a place for memories in the making!


Co-owner, super knowledgeable, classically French gourmand and wine shop host extraordinaire, Guillaume delights in advising and helping all of his clients at La Cave du Port, on the road into Gustavia.  A need-to-know person.

Bernard and Julien:

Father and son, owners, charmingly French, delightful, longtime St. Barths residents and hosts of the fabulous Wall House Restaurant on Gustavia harbor located with fabulous views on the water.  Go often and try the duck for two.

Boodie and Scudder:

Awesome, genuinely super nice owners of the unbelievable, spectacularly petite, private and magnificently sited special two bedroom, two bath villa SCU.  Details to follow.

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