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Fabulous yachts in the St. Tropez Harbor.

Fabulous yachts in the St. Tropez Harbor.

Welcome to the centuries old, port of call, unique and glamorous ancient fishing village of St. Tropez.

St. Tropez is the St. Barths of the Mediterranean.

It is the most fabulously fun, sexy, chic-chic and avant-garde destination that you could ever imagine, sitting nestled on a peninsula on

Sailboats in St. Tropez harbor.

Sailboats in St. Tropez harbor.

the luxurious French Riviera, otherwise known as the Cote d’Azur.

Avant-garde is a French word to describe an ahead-of-its-time culture which includes its art, music and locale and describes St. Tropez perfectly.

St. Tropez is different from its French Riviera coastline cousins.  It pushes the boundaries of the predictable, typical Cote d’Azur resort town and has no mega hotels or huge towering apartment buildings hugging the waters’ edge.

The sign on the way to St. Tropez!

The sign on the way to St. Tropez!

Sixty miles from Nice, the drive to St. Tropez usually takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

With its variety and multitude of specialty restaurants, St. Tropez offers food lovers delights for every appetite:

  • The café crèmes at local cafés accompanied by every type of pastry available will satisfy and delight.
  • Lunchtime offerings find many travelers and locals discovering quiet bistros on the cobbled narrow streets or driving to the wonderful beach club restaurants at Pampelonne.
  • Evening dining might find you on the port watching sun-streaked mega yachts or sitting dreamily outside a restaurant on the patio sipping cocktails or French wines while you await a delicious dinner.

Fancy designer shops and smaller specialty shops line the fabled narrow streets which wind lazily through the town.  The supermarché in the center of town has deli food, fine gourmet food, every type of beverage, wines and champagne, dry store goods, household items and party goods – almost anything you might need including bathing suits.

The portside fishing village with modern day pizzazz sits on the coast of France with its nearby vineyards to explore and sleepy parasol pine forests to hike.

Beautiful view of the harbor while dining!

Beautiful view of the harbor while dining!

The centuries old villages of Grimaud, Gassin and Ramatuelle beckon you a short drive away. The beaches are pristine with the soft pastel colors of impressionist paintings and small water-washed pebbled sand.

The year-round locals have preserved the intriguing spirit of the town in their seaside location of natural beauty.

St. Tropez really is a village like no other in the world.

Start dreaming about St. Tropez for your next vacation getaway with its natural beauty, warm breezes, gorgeous beaches, awesome dining, late sunsets, 300 days of sunshine, rich history and artistic heritage.

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