Getting There

We suggest flying Delta from JFK to Nice.  That is the only direct flight from the U.S. to Nice.  The flight leaves about 5 p.m. and takes about 8 hours, so with the 6 hour time difference, you’ll arrive in Nice by 8 a.m. local time the next morning.

Nice Airport

Terminal building at Nice Airport, Provence, France.

The Nice Airport is easy to navigate.  The customs lines are short with the passport entry process generally takes just a few minutes.

The car rental agencies are located just outside the terminal on the other side of the parking deck.  It is an easy walk, even with your luggage.

The airport is located just off the A8, the highway you’ll take on your way to St. Tropez.  You’ll drive for about an hour west on A8 to Exit 36.  You’ll take the road south to St. Maxime and then west to St. Tropez.

There usually is some traffic in St. Maxime.  The road is one lane in both directions.  The good news is that the traffic will move at a steady pace and it will generally open up just outside St. Tropez.

The slower pace will give you the opportunity to gaze into the Mediterranean on your left as the road passes along the shore line.

The ride, even if you hit traffic, should take no more than two hours.

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